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  • Counselling Career Possibilities Last updated by Louise: 21-Oct-2016

    After many years in teaching -a total of 15- I have come to realise that my vocation is in the area of counselling. I'm told that there's actually no necessity to undertake any training course in order to work as a counsellor. I find this a bit surprising. Can you please confirm that this is the case, please?

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    • Counsellor and psychotherapist jobs are not regulated by law, so in theory anyone could practice, as there are no set requirements as to the amount of training or the qualifications needed to practice.
      Having said that the number of jobs available for paid employment is increasing in the field of counselling, yet the numbers are not enough to offer a position to all of those with training. That along with the guarantee it gives the employer to take on someone with qualifications makes me think that if you want to practice, you're better off enrolling in a course, there are many available. It's not just that, being a member of a professional body like BACP can mark the difference between one candidate and another.

      21-Oct-2016 Reply to Louise
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