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    I’m really interested in becoming a school counsellor, but I’m not too sure about the requirements, as I have not formally trained for it. I’ve been doing some voluntary work in a school though and I’m hoping this will account for smthg in my favour.

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    • I’m following this route, which is what I was advised to do. I’m happy with it and I’m told it’s the way to go. If you have some practical experience, even if it is voluntary work, I’m sure it’ll be taken into account. Good luck!

      09-Feb-2018 Reply to Steven
      • Thank you Steven. Have you any idea of what the salary range might be?

        09-Feb-2018 Reply to Lisa
        • 20 to 21k, though I’d say experience might determine the final figure.

          12-Feb-2018 Reply to Steven
    • Any graduate with a subject of Psychology can be a school advisor on the off chance that they are great at dealing with understudies of this age. While is most schools and universities a Master's Degree individual is sufficiently qualified. So it truly relies upon where you apply and what amount do you expect to acquire from this activity. Good luck!

      15-May-2018 Reply to Manya Ray
    • I am very glad that you want to get into counseling or as others would say therapy. I am glad that you have also seen the need to volunteer and donate much of your time to this course through a school. What I can say is that it would be very easy if you have a certificate in Social Work, it does not matter if it is a Diploma, Degree or Post certifications. This would give you an edge over other prospective candidates. This is because you really want to work but then after months of volunteering it would be great to command a great salary as a result of the experience and experience you have gathered through your work.

      Get at least a DIPLOMA in Social Work and currently there are so many online platforms that could help, and other institutions that demands few fees for that start. I am happy for you and welcome on board.

      04-Jun-2018 Reply to Raphael Zuhnden
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