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  • Dance, dance Last updated by Jean: 27-Jun-2017

    I'm keen on pursuing a career as a dance teacher. I'm 16 and should be making a decision now. I'd love some feedback, as my parents are not happy with this and are making me doubt. Is there a way to do an internship so that I can get a taste of it?

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    • I'm not too sure I understand your question, but my answer would be go ahead and do it. As a dance teacher your wages are often quite a bit better than those of a regular teacher. On the other hand, what may create concern in your parents is the type of life you may lead if you enter this world... you'd have to clarify that with them. I have no idea whether there's an option to enter through an internship, sorry.

      26-Jun-2017 Reply to Alice
      • To teach in a state school you need at least to have a qualified teacher status. I'd say you could opt to a trainee scheme, for example, but an apprenticeship is not something I've heard of before...

        26-Jun-2017 Reply to John
    • You didn't say what kind of a dance teacher you wanted to be, have you had any dance experience? Can tell you more if you reply

      27-Jun-2017 Reply to Jean
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