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  • Domestic violence Last updated by Nigel: 19-Sep-2017

    I’ve seen the devastating effects of domestic violence and my dream is to work offering support to those who have suffered it, or maybe still suffering it. Do I need specific qualifications?

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    • Some organizations will not indicate essential criteria for the candidates, and then it’s up to you to share your experience and skills that may be relevant for the role, when applying. Sometimes, if you have no qualifications specific to the job, you won’t be able to get it.

      14-Sep-2017 Reply to Karen
    • There are courses at different levels to qualify as support worker and be able to provide assistance to people who’ve suffered domestic violence or abuse. There are also courses to prevent it. Some can last from 6 to 10 days, so it’s not too bad, the only thing is the cost, but you often find that payment facilities are commonly offered.

      15-Sep-2017 Reply to Christine
    • It’s a very rewarding kind of job, but you definitely have to be emotionally strong and balanced as it’s also a very tough job and you get strong emotional blows. I found I had to learn to control my emotions an awful lot, I had to work hard on my frustration and anger thresholds and exercise my patience. It’s great when you see that you’ve managed to help someone cope and get back on their feet! Plus you also get so much from them, much more than you’d have ever imagined…

      19-Sep-2017 Reply to Nigel
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