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  • Meals? Ines Last updated by Gemma: 05-Dec-2016

    Does a domestic cleaner have to cook as well?

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    • Alice:

      well it depends on the case. I have cooked in several of my jobs, but you should talk about it before you start, because your timings change then.

      11-Nov-2016 Reply to Alice
    • Jade:

      I agree, it so much depends on what you've agreed to...And now with Christmas time and all around the corner...

      15-Nov-2016 Reply to Jade
      • Ines:

        that’s the thing, in my last job I wasn’t told but then I was asked. My boss then complained that i wasn’t finishing my tasks. I’ll know better next time and clarify things before i start. Thanks!

        15-Nov-2016 Reply to Ines
    • Gemma:

      You would be best for you too speak tomorrow your employer /resident your working for tomorrow see want they would like you too do.

      05-Dec-2016 Reply to Gemma
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  • My dream job JobisJob Last updated by Laszlone Urban-Szabo: 20-Apr-2016

    If you could chose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • Laszlone Urban-Szabo:

      My ideal job is If I can choose which one I want to work clean where required.

      20-Apr-2016 Reply to Laszlone Urban-Szabo
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