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  • instructor Last updated by Holden: 09-Jun-2017

    To become a fitness instructor do I need to take qualifications in fitness instruction?

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    • You can actually start as an apprentice, and train that way.

      08-Jun-2017 Reply to Tina
      • You’ll need a first aid certificate and clearance from the DBS.

        08-Jun-2017 Reply to Will
        • You also need public indemnity and professional liability insurance, this is sometimes provided by your employer, though sometimes it’s for you to look after this sort of things.

          09-Jun-2017 Reply to Quin
          • Man, just as well I asked. Thnx!

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  • Fitness Instructor Last updated by Shane: 20-Feb-2017

    To be a fitness instructor is it true that you need to have a CPR certificate? I thought that a qualification in fitness and exercise instruction was all that was necessary…

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    • To the best of my knowledge you need a CPR cert, fitness qualifications and knowledge in physiology and nutrition.

      15-Feb-2017 Reply to Aaron
    • You may also need to have a public liability insurance.

      16-Feb-2017 Reply to Margo
    • From a practical perspective you have to be a very perceptive person and have good people skills to identify the needs and attainable objectives for each of your clients, so that they don’t get frustrated and give up. You’ve got to be able to keep them motivated over time.

      17-Feb-2017 Reply to Tom
    • Hi, thank you all for your feedback. Very useful!

      20-Feb-2017 Reply to Shane
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  • What skills should I have? Last updated by George: 19-Aug-2015

    In your opinion which skills do you think are essential for this type of job?

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    • The most important skills: Starting out as a apprentice with a real and genuine passion for the work involved and the lifestyle of the fitness industry. And not motivated by 'talking the talk and money'.

      19-Aug-2015 Reply to George
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