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  • Salary Last updated by Dan: 20-Jun-2017

    I have a job for £25.000 a year.
    Now, I was offered new job for 35.000 a year with 3 month probate period (probate period for £23.000) and I was promised I will get £35.000

    I am confused ! And dont know what to do
    Take it or not ??

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    • Whats the job? Are you changing jobs purely for the money or moving to a company you would prefer to work for?

      20-Jun-2017 Reply to Dan
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  • PT Last updated by Andy: 14-Jun-2017

    I have researched different options to become a PT and I find a lot of distance learning courses. Everywhere they tell you that they're certified and all, but my gut feeling is that it cannot possibly be the same. Has anybody encountered problems when looking for work?

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    • I have also heard that online training is perfectly acceptable, but I must say that I don't know of anybody who has it and how it has worked for them. Sorry.

      12-Jun-2017 Reply to Lana
      • I got my cert online 4 months ago and've had no problems so far.

        12-Jun-2017 Reply to Myriam P
    • Hi I gained my qualification through Future Fit which is a mix of elearning and practical weekends. Personally if the whole course was all online elearning I would not have the confidence to safely teach certain exercise techniques, plus having the opportunity to talk to tutors at the practical weekends is invaluable. When it comes to finding a place to work I have not had any issues, but Future Fit are a well known name in the industry so I don't know if using a lesser known training platform would cause you issues.

      13-Jun-2017 Reply to Dan
      • Thank you Dan. What you say makes sense to me, thank you for your time. I'll look into the courses available in my area. Best.

        13-Jun-2017 Reply to Andy
        • No worries Andy, and good luck :) if you have a keen interest in exercise, nutrition and the workings of the human anatomy then Personal Training is a fantastic and rewarding career! It is hard work and you will likely end up self employed working unsociable hours, but if you are okay with that then you will do well!

          14-Jun-2017 Reply to Dan
          • I definitely am OK with it, at least for a number of years, while I have no further responsibilities. Later on I might want to adjust to more reasonable times, but for the moment it sounds good to me. Many thanks again!

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