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  • How to avoid teaching MFL in s Google Translate fashion 09-Oct-2017

    MFLs belong to various Groups of Languages which, in turn, belong to one of the few Families of Languages worldwide. When your native language belongs to a different group (or family)from the one you are teaching - particular attention should be given to the differences in the topic used by each of the two languages. Disregarding this may result in teaching your student a strange hybrid of a language. Your student might end up by speaking, say, French with English words, German with an Italian vocabulary and grammar a.s.o. Google Translate at its best !

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  • Localization in teaching a modern language - vs. the rusty "literary language" approach. 09-Oct-2017

    Once too often, native teachers of modern languages seem to neglect "localization" as a very helpful means of teaching foreign languages. Whether they are British / American nationals teaching, say, French - or French / Belgian / Canadian nationals teaching English, they do the same mistake - each on his side of the street.In overwhelming proportion. The same kind of mistake they did when THEY were learning French or English, respectively.

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