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  • Pay Last updated by Nicki: 02-Feb-2018

    I love working with the elderly and I connect really well with them. I’d like to try and get a hairdressing job working basically with elderly people. However I’m being discouraged by friends and family alike saying that I’ll get tired of it and that it’ll become so monotonous that I’ll soon regret it. They may be right, I don’t know… but the truth is that what really attracts me about the prospect is the relation with the people I do. They’re sweet, very grateful and they’ve always got so much to say and so many stories to tell that before you know it you’ve learned buckets from them …and without even realising! So I’m quite sure I like the job and I’d do great, my only doubt now is the pay. Could anyone give me a hint of what I could earn? Many thanks in advance!

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    • I so understand what you mean. I recently worked with someone who felt the same way. It took her years to make up her mind because she had all sorts of fears as well as a very complicated family life. She just took the plunge a few months ago and she is a totally renewed person, and she is soo happy that no matter what it’s been worth her while to make the change. I’m not totally sure about her earnings but as far as I can see she must be in the region of 22k/year –she has 15 years’ experience in a salon- I hope this helps!

      02-Feb-2018 Reply to Nicki
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  • It should be exciting for them and available beyond the mere hair wash Last updated by Susan: 17-Jan-2018

    After a number of years working in a salon in a small village, I’ve come to realise how important it is for the elderly to look after themselves. You’d assume that at a certain age people stop being interested in their looks and as long as they’re clear, the rest is inconsequential. Nothing further from the truth. Experience has shown me that no matter their age, they continue to care about their looks and some like to ‘play’ with their hair colour and style just as they did before. I’d like to claim the importance of good hair styling in care homes, to give our elderly the thrill and novelty that going to their local hairdresser once gave them. I have started offering my services part time in several care home and the experience is fabulous – for me probably as much as for my clients, as there’s so much they can teach you in the short time you spend together!- I just love it! What I don’t understand is why there aren’t more such services in care homes, residents love it plus it helps make routine more dynamic while relating it to their all-time habits…

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    • I totally agree. I used to work in a salon and elderly ladies were just as recurrent as younger people! They love dolling themselves up just the same as you and I, and I understand it, some look a million dollars when they do and it is a great boost to their self-esteem.

      17-Jan-2018 Reply to Susan
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