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  • Child life especialist Last updated by Michelle: 06-Oct-2017

    What do I need to major in to be a child life specialist?

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    • a bachelor’s degree in psychology or in education, for example.

      28-Sep-2017 Reply to Angie
      • I have a master’s degree in psychology, would that do?

        06-Oct-2017 Reply to Michelle
        • I’d say so, but I’m no expert. It shouldn't be too difficult to find the right answer.

          06-Oct-2017 Reply to Angie
          • I would personally double check with my uni. Sometimes there may be differences between different unis.

          • Thank you guys. I suppose, only thing it’s now 3 years since I finished, and I’m not around there very often. Though it sounds like the most sensible thing to do I guess. Thnx

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