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  • Lidl 06-Jul-2020

    Does anyone work out of lidl in Runcorn as a C&E driver? If so what are they like to work for?

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  • Job training Last updated by Sneed: 12-Apr-2019

    I want to do my hgv licence, but I work full time will I have to finish work to do the course as I have heard its a long process, in class and practical.

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    • Hi, got my first driver job as multi drop delivery driver. But had my probation period cut short as I was invved in an accident, where I scraped against a van on a narrow road, it was my fault but was expecting a second chance. What are my chances of getting another job now? I'm afraid wasted a lot of time and money

      12-Apr-2019 Reply to Sneed
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  • Spanish truck license in London Last updated by Pascual: 14-Oct-2018

    Hi, I just got to get the truck license in Spain and want to move to London. How do I find out if I’m allowed to use the same authorization in both countries?

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    • No if you are living in the UK . Then you stay with the UK license. As if you are from Spain and live in the UK. Then you have to change it. You can't hold two licence from two different countries

      08-Sep-2018 Reply to Andy
    • Sí. Para empezar. Pero tendrás que cambiarla por la UK license asap. Conozco gente que lo hace, principalmente polacos que trabajan y residen temporalmente en UK. Las licencias comunitarias son válidas en UK, de momento.

      14-Oct-2018 Reply to Pascual
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  • What are the laws on hours that you can drive in the UK? Last updated by Andy: 08-Sep-2018

    Does anyone have any information on how long your rest period should be and what happens if you need to break it to move your truck? Also, on ferries what about if you have to disembark before your rest period has finished?

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    • For domestic driving your rest has to be either 30 min after 5:30 h driving or 45 min in breaks at any stage within any period of 8.30 h. Unless the 8.30h mark the end of your working day, you must also take a 30 minute break at the end of this period. They're fairly flexible timings.

      03-Nov-2016 Reply to George
    • I assume you mean breaks when driving you must have a min of 15mins break within the first 6hrs of your shift start. And the another 30mins b4 you 9hrs of shift start or at just b4 the 6 hr mark of starting shift you can have a 45min break then time resets and then you start from when break finishes so if you start at 6 am you must have 1st break b4 12 noon. If you take break at say 1145 take full 45mins then you don't need another break till 1830 tho nothing stopping you taking another 15mins during that time . This all depends on how much driving you have done if you have done your 4 1/2 hrs driving you must have a 45min break if for any reason you have to move during break you must restart break from 0 and take full break . As for ferry if break is not done when disembarked you must stop and take full break b4 travel commences

      08-Dec-2016 Reply to Mark
    • You can't put it on break while you are on a vessel. So you have to change it to out of scope. Then in your day you have to take a 3hours block break

      08-Sep-2018 Reply to Andy
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  • My dream job Last updated by Mohammed ali: 13-Feb-2017

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My ideal job is HGV class1 CE driver
      based in southeast England
      working days from 6am to 10pm
      salary over £32000 per year

      03-Sep-2015 Reply to Harry
    • My ideal job is hgv driving two days a week 10 hour days

      09-Sep-2015 Reply to Eddy
    • I m intrested but not have U.K. License I have a gulf hgv license

      13-Feb-2017 Reply to Mohammed ali
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  • Whats the minimum age for hgv driver? Last updated by Mark: 08-Dec-2016

    There is a minimum age for drivers of large trucks? if the answer is yes.. how many?

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    • well.. 18 I guess

      17-May-2016 Reply to Liam
    • It is 18year old but there is restrictions on it. for no restriction it is 21 years of age

      08-Dec-2016 Reply to Mark
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  • Are there any major pros in working this type of job? Last updated by Max: 31-Dec-2015

    What is the major value or take away you get from working this job?

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    • I value good management support, good organisation skills, good communications, the correct tools for the job, a good work life balance and teamwork

      31-Dec-2015 Reply to Max
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