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  • Agency driver rates 27-Jun-2017

    With driver rates of pay being absolutely atrocious in several places around the UK,despite there being a national outcry regarding a shortage of drivers, I thought I would share my views. I lived in Birmingham for quite a while and worked as a class 3 and class 2 driver. Whilst companies such as Royal Mail, fuel and Rail companies pay top rate(£14 days/£16 nights, for class 3 drivers (more than most class 1) most Employment Agencies would insist that other companies just are not paying decent wages. I took my Hiab cert (lorry mounted crane) and was soon getting between £12 and £14 at Jewson, Selco, EH SMITH etc..and between £10.50 and £11 for most other class 2 jobs. I moved to Leeds and found ALL agencies paying at least £2 per hour less. I saw no apparent reason except greed. The clients, I am guessing are not paying any less for products, fuel costs are the same yet we are being offered 20% less. I point blank refused any work for less than £10 and aimed to get nearer the £10.50 bracket. Blaming the actual agencies for settling for less pay for each driver and no doubt pocketing their normal chunk. I even have one agency offering weekend work for normal week rates and I am sure the company imagine they are paying extra for a weekend driver. These companies need to sit up and stop offering less than £8 in many advertisements. I have managed to convince one agency to pay £11 for Hiab and £10.50 for curtain side work. There is only one way to get a decent wage...agency workers should refuse crap pay, the companies will have no choice but to pay a decent wage. Sure there will always be some drivers who will work for peanuts and this will not help us drive up our income but allow those companies to continue taking the Mick.

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