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  • Class 1 driver Last updated by Justin: 22-Nov-2017

    I’ve been looking for work as Royal Mail Class 1 driver in Aberdeen, but all I can find are postman jobs. Is it possible that I’m not looking well? I have a clean full UK driver’s license, so I could do the job no problem, but I’d be more interested in driving

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    • No reason why you shouldn’t be making the right search. There may not be any available careers at the moment in Aberdeen. I’d try nearby areas, in the end of the day you’d be driving anyway. I was looking to find something in a little hamlet near Bristol and in the end I applied for Bristol and got a job there for a while.

      16-Nov-2017 Reply to Zachary
      • I’ve always heard that aiming at a Christmas temporary position may be a good way to get in. After the Christmas season you may be lucky and can to stay. Once in, you can always ask to be relocated and with a bit of luck you may be able to work where it suits your personal circumstances best.

        22-Nov-2017 Reply to Justin
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  • What salary can I expect as Royal Mail class 1 driver? Last updated by Peter: 03-Nov-2017

    What wages do Royal Mail class 1 drivers? I was talking to someone who told me it was in the region of 24k x year. It would be great but to me it sounds a bit high. In any case, could it be that it varies depending on the area or city? It would be great if someone could help me with this doubt.

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    • It’s difficult for me to say whether that would be correct, I’ve no idea. I can say however that some companies offer wages around the 16k frame. It would surprise me to know that RM’s starting figure is 24k. Not that I think it’s undeserved, but it definitely sounds like it’s quite high compared to what I’ve seen.

      31-Oct-2017 Reply to John
      • From what I I know, RM starts at 19k aprox, but it does add to that if you do extra time. There’s also a weekly allowance, some 60bp driving allowance 7.5t positions.

        03-Nov-2017 Reply to Peter
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