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  • Home care Last updated by Bibian: 03-May-2017

    I've always been very fond of the elderly. My grandparents died before I was born and I think that's where my endearment towards the elderly initially started. I have no certification but I feel I'd be ideal for the job. I've often volunteered in nursing homes and I mustn't have done a bad job as the feedback has always been more than good. I talked about it with the staff in the last home where I was helping and they said to investigate the possibilities because they'd be interested in having me. Just recently my family had to move because of work reasons and now I don't know anybody in any nursing home that knows me. what could I do?

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    • I'd contact as many of the nursing homes where you've helped as possible asking for references. That should give you credibility and also show your value. From there on it'll depend on the interests of the institutions you contact. Additionally you can take some care qualifications, I'm sure that you can combine it with work, your employer will be more than happy if you're training as well as providing care.

      03-May-2017 Reply to Leila
      • Many thanks Leila, this is a very sensible solution, I should have thought about it! I'll do it, I'm sure I'll get plenty of feedback.

        03-May-2017 Reply to Bibian
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