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  • warehouse urgent Last updated by Abdul: 18-Oct-2017

    I need a job urgently and have applied for an offer in a warehouse, but I’m getting no reply. Do I need anything special to work in a warehouse?

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    • You’re often asked to have a reasonable level of English, maths and IT.

      14-Jul-2017 Reply to Mark
      • For a job as warehouse worker?!?!

        14-Jul-2017 Reply to Robert
        • Yep! You’ll need it, for example, to keep stock records. I’d say it’s also a matter of getting staff with minimum level of general knowledge.

          14-Jul-2017 Reply to Mark
          • OK, thank you Mark. I’ll see what I can do to qualify.

    • I’m sure you can find a course to help you with this. Best

      17-Jul-2017 Reply to Mark
      • Thanks again!

        17-Jul-2017 Reply to Robert
    • U don't need experience to work in a warehouse as its the employers responsibility to train you for your assignment.

      18-Oct-2017 Reply to Abdul
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