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  • money Last updated by Allan: 25-Feb-2019

    Can I expect more that 11gbp per hour as kitchen fitter mate?

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    • Difficult to say as there are many variables, but I’ve seen offers for 13gbp

      14-Sep-2017 Reply to Jamie
    • I’d say you’ll have to see what’s out there, location and company can make a big difference…

      15-Sep-2017 Reply to Pierce
    • Hi, don't work for any thing less than £15 an hour for a company - £150 a day is the norm unless it's in the Southern regions where the cost of living is more. Never forget. your a tradesman, cost of tools, fuel etc... they all add up

      28-Jul-2018 Reply to Jamie
    • There are kitchen fitters and there are kitchen fitters out there...hourly rate, daily rate or weekly rate are all dependant on one thing and that is how skilled and good you are at what you do. There are companies out there who will offer excellent rates for the right fitter and there are other companies who will offer as little as possible but still want good fitters while they earn the big bucks. Fuel, transport and tools/machinery also come into the forum of what a kitchen fitter is worth....£10ks worth of Festool equipment and a decent van are not why let a company use your equipment, your skills, your time and money for peanuts. End game on this is: how skilled and equipped are you in terms of what you expect. Remember also the multi task nature of a good kitchen fitter - it's not just about throwing in a few kitchen units with work's everything: the Kitchen, plumbing, electrical, tiling....the whole spectrum with a happy customer at the end. You decide your own worth!

      25-Feb-2019 Reply to Allan
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