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  • payrise Last updated by Beatriz: 09-Dec-2019

    I am working for a family 2 years now, big boy has special needs and he is 6 yo, the other is 3 and having a baby brother soon,
    they wanted to increase my salary less than a pound after 2 years. I get around 3 bonus a year, but I need a payrise.
    how can I tell them that I am not getting enough for all I do? my fault has been never asked for a payrise before so now I want a payrise for special needs and for new baby.
    please if anybody can help,
    thanks so much

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    • Hi Maria,

      Have you tried looking for ads similar to your situation/responsabilities in job sites or agencies for nannies? Maybe you can find there a salary range that you could show in your workplace (if the comparison works well for you)

      Anyway, in my opinion, your arguments are solid enough to ask for a payrise with confidence.

      Good luck!! You deserve it :)

      09-Dec-2019 Reply to Beatriz
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  • nanni Last updated by Paula: 13-Feb-2017

    I’m good with children and I've been babysitting for family and friends for the last 5 years back home in Canada. I’m finding it difficult to get a job as I couldn't finish my degree due to personal circumstances. Do I need any specific training to work as a nannie in the UK?

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    • There are no specific requirements but it’s often a plus to have some college qualification on childcare.

      07-Feb-2017 Reply to Geena
    • If you like working with children, it’s a great job and a very good opportunity to open up new paths too. If you follow the right training path and with experience you could have access to child minding or nursery jobs. You could even become a children’s nurse or an early years teacher if you follow the right training path.

      08-Feb-2017 Reply to Sue
    • And what are the wages like?

      13-Feb-2017 Reply to Anne
      • from 15k to 50k based on experience and skills.

        13-Feb-2017 Reply to Paula
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  • My dream job Last updated by Archie: 26-Sep-2015

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My dream job would be to be a nanny. I need a part time nanny job 3 days a week because I will be starting a nanny job for 2 days a week. It needs to be within walking distance in thirsk because I cant drive yet

      26-Sep-2015 Reply to Archie
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