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  • NHS band 9 salary Last updated by Linda: 26-Oct-2017

    How much should I expect my pay to be? Wouldn’t the minimum wage for band 9 be £85.000 a year?

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    • 85K is definitely not the top but not the bottom either, band 9 starts at 79K a year aprox . the fork is between 79.5k and 100k roughly speaking.

      24-Oct-2017 Reply to Jessi
      • Ahhh, I see, thanks. It looks kind of low though, doesn’t it? I would have thought that band 9, by its nature would have started at a higher figure.

        26-Oct-2017 Reply to Linda
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  • Nursing Last updated by Dylan: 23-Oct-2017

    Is it that difficult to get a band 9 nursing job? I’m trying but don’t seem to succeed.

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    • Yep, not easy to find plus a lot are managerial positions and are not advertised with reference to bands. At least that’s my experience.

      23-Oct-2017 Reply to Dylan
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