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  • Company culture Last updated by Naeem Safdar: 26-Jan-2017

    What is most important to you when choosing a company to work for?

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    • I value loyalty, understanding, respect .

      21-Apr-2016 Reply to keith ashman
    • Smile and respect uniform

      26-Jan-2017 Reply to Naeem Safdar
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  • security guard night shifts 07-Aug-2016

    Am looking for security. Jobs working I would to.i have 15 years security industry.

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  • Is it deadly tiring to work night shifts? 17-Jun-2016

    Hey people! Listen they offer me to work night shifts. Has anybody done it? Don't you turn into a zombie or vampire and day and night swap places? Or you get used fast? Thanks dudes

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  • Do they work at night in production? 10-Jun-2016

    If I want to work in production are there shifts at night?

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  • My dream job Last updated by Jake Avilez: 01-May-2016

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • my dream job would be where I could take my pet dog to work with me bet no one could find me that kind of job

      19-Apr-2016 Reply to Erin
    • My ideal job is to work nights as I have a job Tuesday and Friday in finance.. I am lookin for something to help me finance my needs as my current job is not really enough..

      29-Apr-2016 Reply to yvonne
    • My ideal job is working at tesco@s

      01-May-2016 Reply to Jake Avilez
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  • Are there any major pros in working this type of job? Last updated by George: 17-Jan-2016

    What is the major value or take away you get from working this job?

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    • I value high pay and everyone treated fairly, and manager being actually a nice person. and job close to home.

      17-Jan-2016 Reply to George
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  • Type of work contract Last updated by teresa low : 21-Dec-2015

    What should I take into consideration when choosing the type of job contract for me? (full/part time, etc...)

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    • night shift care assistant

      21-Dec-2015 Reply to teresa low
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