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  • My dream job Last updated by Adrian: 19-Nov-2017 View last comments

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • deputy manager of a small care home in Poole, Dorchester or Salisbury

      15-Apr-2016 Reply to Elizabeth
    • Working with wildlife in the countryside and in there natural habbitat.Looking after feeding

      15-Apr-2016 Reply to samuel mcguire
    • Personal banking - dealing with individuals account such as the celebrities, football stars even some members of the Royal Family. I believe this type of jobs available with COUTS IN STRAND.

      16-Apr-2016 Reply to Rahman Daramola
    • My ideal job is hospital porter,concierge,watchman,jobs like this

      21-Apr-2016 Reply to william kearney
      • Hi William, I saw your dream job posted on jobsisjobs, are you still looking?

        Kind regards,

        11-Nov-2017 Reply to Lucie
    • online job using my computer at home.

      23-Apr-2016 Reply to maria candy Y. Janlay
    • Heavy Combination Vehicle Operator. and Any Farm Work

      24-Apr-2016 Reply to Freddie
    • My ideal job is porter,concierge,caretaker,jobs like this

      24-Apr-2016 Reply to Adam
      • Hi Adam,

        I saw our post, are you still looking for a porter position?

        Kind regards,

        11-Nov-2017 Reply to Lucie
    • I believe in live and let live. I respect all kinds of life and before I die I would like to do a wonderful job, not selling worldly things to people, but kindness, compassion, empathy and a daily dose of laughter. I am not in a good financial situation, so I must work for my bread and butter. But it will be nice to get to know colleges and work in a team, to get support from your superiors and get treated with dignity and respect yourself. I have been quite alone for the last 7 years and really feel that I have do get closer to other people. Therefor I would love to do a caring job,so that I can feel - yes, I can make a difference to other people!

      28-Apr-2016 Reply to Lizet
    • My ideal job is to own a very big water park in Africa

      03-May-2016 Reply to Henry
    • My dream job would be working with wildlife, conservation

      21-Dec-2016 Reply to Kirsty Milburn
    • I would like to be the greatest Comedian and tour around the world

      24-Sep-2017 Reply to Debora
    • Something in Heathtrow area,night shift,hotels,part time....

      19-Nov-2017 Reply to Adrian
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