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  • hairdressing apprenticeship no experience Last updated by Sarah: 03-Nov-2017

    Should I accept an apprenticeship for less than £3.5 p/h? I’ve no experience, but it still seems very little…

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    • I personally would take the job if the salon is one where I think I can learn enough to give me the knowledge and practice I don’t have. In a way it’s an investment in your future.

      03-Nov-2017 Reply to Leslie
      • No way! It’s exploitation and they’re taking advantage of you!

        03-Nov-2017 Reply to Sarah
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  • chef apprenticeship no experience Last updated by Olivia: 31-Oct-2017

    I love cooking and I’m very good at it. I have no specific training and my experience is not at professional level. I’ve often helped family and friends when there are big gatherings. I’d love to start working seriously but since I’ve no experience I don’t know if I’m eligible even for an apprenticeship. Any advice would be welcome

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    • It will depend on the establishment and also on your wage expectations. From what you say you must be flexible about your pay, so that’s a point in your favour.

      31-Oct-2017 Reply to Olivia
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