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  • Jobs for legal secretaries with no experience Last updated by Raphael Zuhnden: 04-Jun-2018

    I have finished my legal secretary course and I’m beginning to look for work. I understand that having no experience is a relevant point in the description of the post and its details, such as tasks and salary. All the same I wonder if really the tasks need be as basic as what I’ve seen around. In the same line, does the salary have to be so discouraging? How does one get the encouragement to give it all when you get so little in return? I would understand it if you were put alongside a senior figure and got access to intense practical learning… Unfortunately, from what I can see, often the case is that the junior legal secretary is expected to fend for themselves, give it all, and have a mammoth learning curve with little in return.

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    • I understand what you’re saying and the frustration it can generate. Not meaning to undermine your opinion, I must say that these conditions are not as bad as they sound on paper. True that the pay can be sometimes low, that sometimes there’s no senior figure to train the incoming secretary and that the work load tends to be considerable. Even so, my view is that doing it like this, there’s an initial tough period, but later on conditions improve. At one stage, you were happy to get in when taken in without experience, there were cases when people paid to get in… In my view, it’s neither nor. There should be a system by which

      03-Nov-2017 Reply to Andrea
    • Just like any jobs out there experience is necessary. One thing many people do not know is that you do not need much experience to get into all jobs. Sometimes you need desire, determination and dedication. Searching for jobs does not guarantee an appointment letter. I think you should do everything in your capacity to write out concerned letters that are centered on what you can do for the legal team rather than just explaining what you know through an application letter. This is vital and important in getting you the job you deserve and the right salary that would match the opportunity.

      04-Jun-2018 Reply to Raphael Zuhnden
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