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  • how to calm down patient's relatives? 05-Jun-2016

    Not long ago unpleasant situation took place in our hospital. A wife of an patient started to shout and threw down doctor´s papers from the table, and the reason of her awful behavior was that a nurse haven't told her all the details of her husband's condition. The woman called us but the nurse told her that her husband was ok and all the details she could know if she comes and talks to the doctor. I've never had those situations before and I don't really know how to calm down furious relatives. Any advise?

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  • weird situations in the hospital 22-Apr-2016

    Working at night one patient came to the staff room and started to tell me that he couldn't sleep and he wanted to help me, he wanted to clean the floor, or water flowers or do something. I had to give him a sleeping pill and to lead him back to the room. But it was very weird. Did you have any weird situations while working in the hospital and what did you do?

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  • What skills should I have? Last updated by Abigail: 06-Dec-2015

    In your opinion which skills do you think are essential for this type of job?

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    • The most important skills: keeping children save by always following the procedures and policies.

      06-Dec-2015 Reply to Abigail
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  • My dream job Last updated by Erin: 01-Aug-2015

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • To get and own either a Nursery for Children. Or Start an Cattery/Kennel boarding/riding place. Own my own business

      27-Jul-2015 Reply to Charlotte
    • My ideal job is fanfiction

      01-Aug-2015 Reply to Erin
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