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  • Dental nurse Last updated by Rachel: 16-May-2017

    I'd like to become a dental nurse, but I'm not quite sure about the requirements. Can somebody help me with this?

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    • You’ll need to take a dental nursing course approved by the GDC and also register with them (GDC)

      16-May-2017 Reply to Sylvia
      • Yes, and while you’re doing your course you have the opportunity to work as a trainee in a dental practice, though you can also not do this and study full time. It’s up to you.

        16-May-2017 Reply to Rachel
        • That sounds great. And have you any idea of what the wages might be? I’ve heard they can be somewhere around 14k.

          16-May-2017 Reply to Julie
          • Pretty much, I’d say 10 to 18k to start with

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  • Can I work as a dental nurse without experience? Last updated by Humera: 31-Dec-2016

    In one job description I've read that you can become dental nurse even if you don't have experience. Is it true? They mean experience in medicine at all?

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    • Yes you can start dental nursing work as a trainee with no experience at all.They give you training at can start a dental nursing course after taking dental nursing experience.

      31-Dec-2016 Reply to Humera
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  • How to calm down a child if you are a dental nurse? Last updated by Humera: 31-Dec-2016

    I want to change my work place for children's stomatology. I think it is very specific. And almost all children are scared. They can cry and resist. What is the most typical to calm them? Or maybe not typical but works?

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    • Always smile and be very polite to them.

      31-Dec-2016 Reply to Humera
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