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  • Poultry farm manager salary Last updated by Ben: 17-Jan-2018

    I’d like to get a job as poultry farm manager, but I’m not very sure where to start. I finished. I have no qualifications, but I have some practical experience acquired over the past 3 summers, when I volunteered to work on a farm Mozambique. I really enjoyed the experience and I think I’d be good at it and also happy doing it.

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    • I’m not sure about the requirements to become a farm manager, but I guess there’s some training involved, though I don’t know what sort of courses it involves. You can always start as farm worker, and as you get experience and I’m assuming taking some course/s you could work your way up.

      03-Jan-2018 Reply to Norman
      • I see you are no stranger to farm life, after having been in Mozambique. All the same, things may not be the same when you do it as a job for real. I don’t mean to undermine volunteering, but I’m sure that it’s not the same as a paid job.

        08-Jan-2018 Reply to Almaas
        • I don’t think you’re right. When I was there I was working just as much as everyone else, if not more. Plus, because I knew I had a limited time to do things, I gave my all.

          17-Jan-2018 Reply to Mohammad
        • I don’t agree Almaas. I also volunteered on a farm a couple of years ago, and if truth be said, you do a lot. In my case, I was on a farm in Nigeria, and when you see people’s way of life and their conditions, and also how extremely appreciative they are of what they’ve got you try even harder to do as much to help as you can because you see that they truly deserve it.

          17-Jan-2018 Reply to Ben
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