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  • expectations Last updated by Samantha: 02-Aug-2017

    Could I get more that 25k a year as restaurant manager?

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    • It depends on your experience, but with experience you definitely can.

      31-Jul-2017 Reply to Sean
      • When I started I was on just over 15k, after a couple of years I got a pay rise and next I was offered to join a management trainee scheme. After that your wages definitely improve. Unfortunately the place I was working went haywire and now I’m looking for a new job, but I’ve no doubt that with my experience and training I can get good wages.

        01-Aug-2017 Reply to Samantha
        • That’s fantastic Samantha, good to hear. Can they go near 40k with experience and so on?

          02-Aug-2017 Reply to Judi
          • I guess it will depend on the business, but definitely so.

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