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    I love teaching and I love dealing with children. I work part time in an office giving support to the legal team. I don't know if teaching part time is an easy thing to do, what I mean is it easy to find part time positions? Many thanks!

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    • Absolutely! Part time teaching is fairly common. Depending on your speciality it'll be more or less easy to find work.

      22-Jun-2017 Reply to Tracey
      • Do you have QTS

        23-Jun-2017 Reply to Rita
        • Not yet, I’m considering taking it, but I was waiting to see if I had any chances of getting a job

          23-Jun-2017 Reply to Sinead
          • Well, if you really like it, I’d say go ahead with it. There’s a teacher shortage and I’d be quite surprised if there are no available jobs…

    • Teaching is great, but make sure first that it really is your thing. It’s vocational and if it’s not your thing it can be quite wearing. I personally love it.

      23-Jun-2017 Reply to Tom
      • Oh yes, it’s my thing, I’ve no doubts about it. Great comments from you all, thanks.

        23-Jun-2017 Reply to Sinead
      • I agree, there’s a shortage of teachers but my question is why! Is it maybe because they face long hours and low pay?

        23-Jun-2017 Reply to Sun
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