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  • Exercising love and patience towards clients in healthcare. 02-Dec-2016

    I am convinced that beyond the legal requirements of having requisite training (e.g. NVQ, mandatory training in Healthcare)what is really critical in dealing with fellow human beings who are vulnerable is love (for one another or love your neighbour as yourself)and the virtue of patience. My view is based on observations over a long period of time having had the opportunity to work in various settings including the HMPs, Mental facilities, respite homes for children and young people, autistic hospital and a number of OAP homes.

    Besides their basic and psychological needs, each one of these clients want to feel that they are loved and cherished by the teams who look after them and further more because some of them may be incapacitated due to either they suffering from dementia, autism or mental illness, it is right and appropriate to exercise lots of patience when serving these groups of people.

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