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  • Roofer Last updated by Mark: 13-Jun-2017

    I’d like to know what qualifications I need to work as a roofer.

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    • On paper, there’s no specific qualification required for the job. But more often than not employers ask for experience.

      09-Jun-2017 Reply to Julian
      • I thought it’d be something like this… Any advice on paths to gain experience?

        09-Jun-2017 Reply to Mark
        • I started off as a roofing labourer and it worked very well for me. There were some other options like taking some college course on gral construction skills course. I didn’t want that, I preferred a more hands on experience.

          12-Jun-2017 Reply to Julian
          • This sounds good. What are the wages like? Are they muuuuch lower that a roofer’s?

    • Well, they can be a bit lower, but then again you’re in training. Once you gain your more senior position your pay rises. The other option is to take a course, meanwhile not earning anything, and hoping to be lucky enough to get a job straightaway…

      12-Jun-2017 Reply to Julian
    • Julian I would just like to comment on the info you gave Mark there. If you wish to call yourself a "qualified roofer" then you have to serve a 4 year apprenticeship gaining a City & Guilds in Roof Slating, Tiling and Cement work. Otherwise you are just someone who gives Roofers a bad name!

      13-Jun-2017 Reply to Liz Todd
      • Thank you both for your comments. I'll look into the options I have and will move from there

        13-Jun-2017 Reply to Mark
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