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  • men and women cleaners Last updated by Julian: 28-Mar-2017

    why is it that when it comes to cleaning jobs, guys have little chances? I’ve been trying to get a job for months now and I’m not managing.

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    • Julian, don’t take me wrong, but the fact is that often women are better at cleaning and keeping a place neat.

      22-Mar-2017 Reply to Sally
      • I see your point, but there’s no written law by which men are bad at cleaning, organising and keeping things in order.

        22-Mar-2017 Reply to Julian
        • You’re right Julian, though it’s also true that most women clean better or more thoroughly than men. In any case there are men that are very neat and good at cleaning. I’d make a point of this at the interview.

          22-Mar-2017 Reply to Paula
          • trouble is I don’t even get to the interview stage.

    • Man, then if you’re intent in working in the cleaning sector, maybe you should try and make special emphasis on your strong points in your application or CV see if there’s better luck like this.

      28-Mar-2017 Reply to Paula
      • Thanks, will do. Though I must say it’s so totally unfair!

        28-Mar-2017 Reply to Julian
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