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  • Wages Last updated by Olivia: 15-Nov-2016

    I'm a qualified secretary and have been working for my current company for over a yr. when i talk to other secretaries I feel that my wages may not be right, as I get 17,5k and my friends seem to get more. Can somebody advise, please?

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    • I remember reading somewhere that the average wage for secretaries was somewhere around the 19k. Yours seems to be below the average, but of course the location, specific job, sector will influence the pay. Maybe you can put it to your boss and see what s/he says.

      11-Nov-2016 Reply to Isabella
      • Thanks for the info Isabella . I might actually follow your advice, she’s a lovely person and quite understanding. I think I will, many thanks for helping me make up my mind, it’s something that was eating into me and that’s not good!

        15-Nov-2016 Reply to Olivia
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