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  • My dream job Last updated by Gemski88: 10-Oct-2017 View last comments

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • Cabin Crew

      16-Apr-2016 Reply to Isabella
    • Data entry clerk,Bill clerk,Receiptionist.

      17-Apr-2016 Reply to Tharmalingam, Inthuvarman
    • My ideal job is legal secretay

      19-Apr-2016 Reply to Jack
    • My ideal job is a part time Receptionist working Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm

      23-Apr-2016 Reply to Sarah Lyons
    • My ideal job is an optical receptionist

      24-Apr-2016 Reply to Mustaqima Hassam
    • My ideal job is a receptionist position within a care home for the elderly and those living with dementia. There would be additional administrative and organisational elements alongside the core duties.

      28-Apr-2016 Reply to Jenny Ireland
    • My ideal job is Receptionist

      03-May-2016 Reply to Tharmalingam Inthuvarman
    • hotel receptionist

      03-May-2016 Reply to Zoey Keeling
    • software engineer

      09-Jan-2017 Reply to gorge james946
    • my ideal job is receptionist 9-1

      06-May-2017 Reply to Jo peghtem
    • My ideal job would be to visit the lonely and take them out and about, to encourage , uplift and improve their sense of wellbeing.

      14-Sep-2017 Reply to smjd
    • Ideal job 2 days per week no weekends or late nights receptionist or other

      21-Sep-2017 Reply to Blondie50
    • Dream job- working with animals is my dream job. Especially working with dogs x

      07-Oct-2017 Reply to Alison Rice
    • I would love to be in a solid admin role. My stress is finiding oelne to fit in with school hours. Im a single mummy and can only get part time between certain hours its so stressful

      10-Oct-2017 Reply to Gemski88
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  • Job search 07-Oct-2017

    It's so hard to find a new job especially if your over 40! Employers need to appreciate the over 40's more. We have a lot to give. Lots of life experience and work experience. Employers please take note and give the over 40's a chance! Thank you from A. Rice

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  • find a job Last updated by gorge james946: 09-Jan-2017

    I worked as receptionist but I lost my job because the company went bankrupt.
    I'm 45 years and I don't know where to find a new job. I’m Spanish native and speak English, Italian and Portuguese.
    Where can I find a new job?

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    • i was also a receptionist but they didn't tke me for some reason. but now i am searching again

      09-Jan-2017 Reply to gorge james946
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  • Hospitality Last updated by gorge james946: 09-Jan-2017

    I work in a hotel. Up until this month, we were on short hours (needs of the business). This will be my second Christmas at work, and yes we will be working all over Christmas and New Year. We don't have a celebration. What's the point. I took this job as it was meant to be full time! I am an experienced Receptionist but am too old at 57 for a lot of companies so I have to put up with rotten hours and work conditions. What are your thoughts?

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    • It is a hard to find a suitable job when you are unemployed and over fifty now! Prospective employers do not seem to recognise or appreciate work experience and skills gained, and if you are not working it is even harder to get a foot in the door.

      09-Dec-2016 Reply to Barbara
    • it is kind of hard

      09-Jan-2017 Reply to gorge james946
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  • Languages to work Last updated by john macey: 07-Dec-2016

    Hello all,
    I’m looking for a receptionist job. I saw different jobs and a skill is languages. But not define which languages are more important.
    What languages do you think are most important for this work?
    Thank u!

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    • Hey! I think in this kind of job every language you know is an advantage. Because the tourists come from everywhere. But the most common are French, Spanish, German etc I guess

      29-Apr-2016 Reply to Joshua
    • I lost my job 6years ago,Iam now 62years old Ihave a wealth of experiance but nobody wants to Employ me. Why is it that age seems to be a hindrance?

      07-Dec-2016 Reply to john macey
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  • Unemployment and facing Homelessness Last updated by shadow: 05-Dec-2016

    I am an above average educated person. Due to unexpected circumstances, I now have 2 suitcases of possessions. I lived in my own home with every comfort any human being could want. I started my working life at 17 as an Air Hostess. I studied during my working life and now am capable of almost any job. I have tried to get employment but I always get the response of being "over-qualified". No one is "Over qualified" to clean a floor or work as a Receptionist. Especially if I am an going person and excel in working with people. So I am unemployed with no possibilities right now, although I still try. I am living with my son and his wife and granddaughter. We live in a small flat and my sons' wife is having another child. I have to leave this accommodation but have no where to go. I have contacted certain authorities to no avail. I am willing to work for my board and lodging to get on my feet again but cannot find any such safe arrangement. I have 2 weeks to find a solution...preferably on the South Coast (Devon). I am 57 and cannot live on the streets. I have not mentioned the emotional trauma i.e. even having to give my dog (who I loved so much), away. Who can help me. As mentioned, I am not looking for hand-outs...I am willing to work for my survival.

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    • This is so unfortunate Elaine. I lived through similar circumstances and it's truly very tough, I soo feel for you. In my case, I opted for taking any job available even if it wasn't in my own field. As a matter of fact before I finally got a job in my area I worked cleaning offices and shopping centers, I didn't love it but it helped me stay afloat for a while. I wish you all the best!

      05-Dec-2016 Reply to Betsy
      • Thanks Betsy. Good to know there are people that care.

        05-Dec-2016 Reply to shadow
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  • Applying for any Job in UK 04-Dec-2016

    I am looking for a job opportunity in UK. hmmmmmmm.... I am a degree holder and presently taking up my Masters. I am looking for an employer who could help me and be my sponsor in going there. I am confident enough to say that I have the qualities. I am from Philippines and proud to be a Filipino. I only hold a Philippine Passport now. I want to land a job that would help me and my family. I can go for Administrative, Human Resource and that commensurate to my educational qualifications.

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  • Unemployment 27-Oct-2016

    I am a British Lady unemployed for 6 years Not out of choice. I am living in a high unemployment area. I have a background in Travel&Tourism which I am passionate about. I have excellent Receptionist administrative skills. I have worked on major Events in Britain and Europe. I am looking for permanent work in Central London as a Single Person I must cover all my out goings.

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  • Type of work contract Last updated by sabina: 18-Feb-2016

    What should I take into consideration when choosing the type of job contract for me? (full/part time, etc...)

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    • part time 16/20 hours. term time. because ive got kids still at school

      18-Feb-2016 Reply to sabina
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  • Are there any major pros in working this type of job? Last updated by Patricia Marlow: 02-Oct-2015

    What is the major value or take away you get from working this job?

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    • I value pleasant work surroundings, ability to work part time, responsibility, and fairly local to home

      02-Oct-2015 Reply to Patricia Marlow
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