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  • How do I get interviews Last updated by Trisha: 09-Jan-2017

    I apply for all jobs going I send my CV as well I got certificate level 2 in most jobs but don't even get feed back or chance of interview and I know someone who hasn't got the certificates get the job where is this fair

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    • Sometimes it's something as simple as how the CV is organised or written or even whether the suitable information is included. Why don't you ask someone to take a look at it? It might have something to do with this (or not) but it it did a second opinion might help you.

      09-Jan-2017 Reply to Trisha
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  • How to get there Last updated by Abby: 21-Oct-2016

    I've been in the job market for a while now. I consider myself to be competent for the job, effective, dependable and good in my relations both with customers and co-workers. Yet I don't seem to be able to move on from shop attendant to shop manager and I don't understand why. In my current job, for example, I do plenty of tasks that could be attributed to a manager...

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    • Maybe the problem is that you're shadowed by your co-workers. Sometimes it's a good idea to nicely market oneself, because, it's a fact that some people are excellent at selling everything except themselves! A different story is if you're having trouble with mates or a boss, who actively push you that case, the solution is rather more complex.

      21-Oct-2016 Reply to Abby
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  • My dream job Last updated by Demand Raza: 30-Jul-2016

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My ideal job is as an Event organiser, as I love working with people and enjoy brightening up their day. I have been told on numberous occassions that I have a bright, bubbly effervescent personality, that lights up a room whenever i walk in and i generate a natural air of positivity. Working with people makes me really happy, no matter what their personality.
      It just makes work more interesting and challenging when dealing with difficult people but I soon have them calm and approachable. :-)

      12-Apr-2016 Reply to Ms Harvinder Rai
    • My ideal job is working with computers

      18-Apr-2016 Reply to Elaine McAllister
    • full time personal shopper with full training and benefits

      26-Apr-2016 Reply to Matilda
    • I want to know about admission about academic programs.

      30-Jul-2016 Reply to Demand Raza
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