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  • working in a store Last updated by Pia: 28-Mar-2017

    I turned 16 in February and I'd like to get a part time job so that I can have my own pocket money and also I’d love to help my parents with a monthly contribution while I pursue my studies. I know people whore doing this, but others tell me that legally I have to be 18 and that those who are 16 are under iffy conditions. Is this so?

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    • Not correct Mandy. As a 16 year old you can legally work. In fact you can work full time, if the job is part time you can in fact legally work from age 13 –in most areas.

      28-Mar-2017 Reply to Pia
      • fantastic, many thanks Pia. Just to be sure, is this by law?

        28-Mar-2017 Reply to Mandy
        • sure, in the page, under child employment you can find all the details. Good luck and congratulations on your attitude.

          28-Mar-2017 Reply to Pia
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  • My dream job Last updated by Linda urquhart: 01-Dec-2016

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • 9 -5 where honest full training takes place and time off is honoured and where help is always close ..............

      03-Nov-2015 Reply to Liam
      • My dream job would have good prospects working Monday to Friday with every weekend of

        01-Dec-2016 Reply to Linda urquhart
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