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  • PDP 25-Aug-2019

    Iam looking a place where I they Can provide me a PDP licence??

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  • nigts Last updated by JFM: 19-Jul-2017

    Shouldn’t the basic pay increase when doing night shifts?

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    • Night work should be paid time and a half

      18-Jul-2017 Reply to David
      • Yep, and it’s a good complement to your basic salary

        19-Jul-2017 Reply to Fran
        • It’s just that I’m being told that night shifts do NOT affect my pay.

          19-Jul-2017 Reply to JFM
          • Mmmm, sounds odd to me

    • No way, it does mean more money, don’t accept the deal otherwise.

      19-Jul-2017 Reply to Sam
      • That’s what I thought. Thank you mate!

        19-Jul-2017 Reply to JFM
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