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  • How do you train to become a tractor driver? Last updated by Sam: 08-Nov-2017

    Do I need to take some course to become a tractor driver?

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    • There really is no specific course as such. You’ll need a CPCS if you operate certain machinery. Basic mechanics even at a practical level are always a plus.

      03-Nov-2017 Reply to Michael
      • If you’d like to take some course, the best thing you can do is to go to an agricultural college. Though it’s not strictly necessary.

        08-Nov-2017 Reply to Sam
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  • What do you earn as a tractor driver? Last updated by James: 31-Oct-2017

    How much could I earn as a tractor driver? I’ve been working with my parents on our farm for 3 years now. Farming is getting more and more difficult to maintain for small farmers as time goes on. I’d like to try and get a job outside, to diversify and also secure my future if our family business finally has to be given up.

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    • On average 400gbp p/week. It’s something between 16k and 30k a year, based on experience. It's good side is that you an more or less manage your time, not as much as you would in your own business, but enough. For example, normally there's nothing stopping you from starting earlier in the day than expected and so finishing a job in less days, or finishing your working day earlier, and so on.

      31-Oct-2017 Reply to James
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  • Which are the requirements to qualify as a home based CS representative? 27-Oct-2017

    I would like to find a job as CS rep working from home. I’m a stay at home dad, but now my kids have both started going to day care. I think I have the qualities for it, I’m god with people both face to face and via telephone. My doubt is whether there are specific conditions or qualifications that I need to be eligible for the job.

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