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  • Training officer requirements Last updated by Gen Edwards: 19-Sep-2017

    Although I have no training qualifications, can I work as Training officer if I have completed a degree in Psychology?

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    • Having a degree will always help you, and if it’s in psychology I’d imagine you could easily enter a HR dept. and gradually make a space for yourself there.

      13-Sep-2017 Reply to Angus
    • Having a teaching degree also helps. I know for a fact that you can also start through an apprenticeship.

      14-Sep-2017 Reply to Hilary
      • A degree related to business studies or personnel might help too.

        15-Sep-2017 Reply to Penny
    • This is such an interesting question, and one that I often 'stumble upon' when training trainers. I think academic degrees are wonderful, and anything in the region of EQ is spot-on - so your degree that you ask about is a good one to have, in my opinion. BUT - the big thing that so many corporates don't understand, and nor do trainers - as a trainer, you need to know how people learn. You need to be able to engage and get people participaing, as opposed to just lecturing at them. And that is where many of us fall down - we are great SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) in the topic we're delivering; but we don't have a clue how the brain works in order to lay down learning in the best possible, most brain-friendly manner. My comment would be: get yourself enrolled on a train the trainer workshop - a good one that comes with recommendations. You probably have already done this, so apologies if this opinion is superfluous.

      19-Sep-2017 Reply to Gen Edwards
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