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  • Waitress Last updated by Melissa ann: 04-Aug-2017

    I would like to work during my uni holidays and I’m thinking about working as a waitress.. Some of my friends are trying to discourage me. They say it’s a very tiring job, often with terrible hours, and also that being a girl I’ll definitely end up either getting some abuse or getting sexist attitudes. Does anybody have any experience with this?

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    • What your friends say is quite true, though it all depends on how you take it. To me, for example, sexist approaches and comments are like water off a ducks back. I know of some colleagues who cannot let it go though. Abuse is something I’ve never been faced with.

      19-Jul-2017 Reply to Rachel
      • I’ve had some sexist comments at times and also I’ve had clients who thought they could touch my behind while ordering their beer. I hate that and it gets me real furious, but it’s also true that it’s not the norm.

        19-Jul-2017 Reply to Tammy
        • Tiring, but a lot of fun!

          19-Jul-2017 Reply to Liza
    • I had a waitress job when I was about 15-16 and the owner was always trying to touch us up and so I quit not all people are like that I know but it did kind of put me off I'd love to get back into waitressing again tho I really enjoyed it and the rips are quite good aswell lol

      30-Jul-2017 Reply to Angel
    • Hey i am looking to work with a good team in a bar or kitchen side i am hard working an polite.

      04-Aug-2017 Reply to Melissa ann
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