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  • self employed delivery driver. 24-Jan-2018

    hello guys. I am wanting to be a self employed deliver driver. did anyone watch the tv series shipping wars? this is what I would love to do. I have a large van and a good knowledge of uk roads and delivering items. could anyone shine alight on this for me please?

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  • How to become a car transporter driver? Last updated by John: 19-Jan-2018

    I’d like to find work as car transporter, but I’m not sure about the requirements. Could someone advice, pls?

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    • Ideally you should have a hgv license. I’ve sometimes heard that you can actually work without it, but I doubt it.

      17-Jan-2018 Reply to Matthew
      • As a matter of fact, you can do the job with just an ordinary license, being over 18 and getting a job as a trainee with a transports company. Otherwise you do need a lgv course as well as a driver cpc.

        19-Jan-2018 Reply to John
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  • Are wages lower that they were a few years ago? Last updated by Nathan: 03-Jan-2018

    I’m really interested in going into car transporting as driver. I’ve been researching wages and I get the impression that the pay is lower now than it used to be a few years back, when I looked at the option for the first time. Can it be the case? It seems odd to me, or maybe I’m confused as to what the pay used to be before. I’m talking about some 4-5 years ago.

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    • Yes, I’ve also heard talk about wages having dropped a bit over the last few years. Though when looking for offers, I ‘ve come across wages as low as 22k and as high as 42k, so I take it that it’ll depend on many things, among others, the type of profile they’re looking for, as well as location and working conditions.

      03-Jan-2018 Reply to Nathan
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