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  • Are carpet fitters under CIS? Last updated by Austin: 20-Mar-2018

    Hi, as a carpet fitter do I need to be CIS registered? I’m not, and when offering my services to a construction firm, they only accept CIS registered carpet fitters. I find this confusing when by law carpet fitters are not required to be registered. Could this be discrimination?

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    • Strictly speaking carpet fitters are not required to be CIS registered. However, there are times when the contractor is interested in a professional that asides from carpets, can fit other kinds of floor coverings as part of the construction project. A different story is when the floor fitting is not done as part of the general construction project. In that case, to fit carpets, vinyl, linoleum among others, you don’t need to be CIS registered. I hope this helps.

      20-Mar-2018 Reply to Austin
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