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  • Remain silent or speak? Last updated by Dafrine: 05-Feb-2018

    I am a foreigner who tooks six months working in a center restaurant washing dishes. I’m professional cook by vocation. When should I ask my boss for a job promotion? It's too soon?

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    • Have you seen that anybody had grown in your restaurant.. maybe it is impossible there.. moreover you are a foreigner. What can I say.. to be honest I see it a little bit complicated. But don't be upset. I think the key here is to have good relationship with your boss.. maybe some day in informal way you can cook him something and he will see that you are a good cook and he will offer you to become a cook...Good luck though

      26-Jun-2016 Reply to Amy
    • Am not from UK but is it possible for me to get a job in UK?

      05-Feb-2018 Reply to Dafrine
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  • Chef trainee without experience Last updated by Cymon derry: 09-Aug-2016

    I have two years studying cooking in Chef Academy of London and I want to start working in order to stay financially. Where I’d apply without work experience?

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    • You can apply to work for me ..?

      09-Aug-2016 Reply to Cymon derry
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