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  • Does anybody have experience as distance learning tutor? Last updated by Annette kenny: 16-Jan-2019 View last comments

    Although I graduated in English language and literature I never went into teaching and tried my hand in the business world. I like what I do and I’ve been doing fine with it. Now at 35 I’m considering a change, basically because I wouldn’t like to look back later on in life and feel that I never tried anything else. The idea of being a distance training tutor attracts me immensely. I get the feeling that I would have a great degree of autonomy and would be able to organise my life more based on my necessities that on my work timetables.

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    • I’ve been a teacher for some years and have recently tried online tutoring. I must say it really is a double edged sword. It does in fact give you plenty of flexibility, if you organise yourself well. The down side is that unlike what happens with regular teaching jobs, you may find that your evenings get busy with tutoring sessions and sometimes weekends can be affected too. All the same, as I was saying, if you organise yourself well and with time you can block recurring times or even punctual days. I remember last year when I wanted to travel for 5 days and I agreed with my students that certain days I would not be available. Since I gave them plenty of notice, I had no problem at all.

      19-Jun-2018 Reply to Norman
      • I agree with what Norman says, but I would add a couple more aspects, which I think are quite relevant. For one, you mustn’t forget that you’ll have to take a teaching certificate. Another aspect that for me is quite relevant is that in distance learning dedication tends to be different. While with traditional teaching it’s normal to have access to full dedication positions, with distance learning this changes a bit and it’s not strange to find that with distance tutoring the hours tend to be less and as a consequence you get paid by hours worked. That works well if you manage to fill all your hours with different institutions, otherwise … well not that good.

        22-Jun-2018 Reply to Kaitlyn
    • I have worked for colleges marking level 2 awards for ncfe . Time management is key as the work load will increase with constant pleas todo more.Before you know it you will be a slave to the computer , supervision is scant and often the students level of ability in English means the units take a lot longer to mark then time allotted .The eleven pounds an hour pay does not compensate for what you are expected to decipher and read. Students often spill their lives out in the mental health awards inc alcoholism , suicide and physical experience of abuse , were i counselling them I would be on 25 pound plus ! . But all that matters is you quote legislation relevant which takes time also to find and put into words they understand . Until I took well needed time out it was then I realised I had a life .

      16-Jan-2019 Reply to Annette kenny
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