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  • Criminal record check? Last updated by Judi: 28-Sep-2017

    I have applied for a job as facilities manager in a hospital and I’m told that they’re going to check my criminal record. Not that I have anything to hide, but it sounds a bit much, doesn’t it? And the hospital is not even a children’s hospital. Has anybody else found themselves in this situation?

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    • I have, if it’s a kid’s hospital they can ask for an enhanced criminal record, otherwise they can only ask for a standard check.

      28-Sep-2017 Reply to Tracey
    • Incredible! Asking for police checks to work as a facilities manager? Talk about control!!!

      28-Sep-2017 Reply to Mike S.
      • Well Mike, I find it reasonable. It’s not like anybody is accusing you of anything, it’s just a preventive measure, which sounds good to me especially taking into account that you’re not only working directly with the public, but with people who in some cases may not have full mobility or be in good shape to protect or defend themselves.

        28-Sep-2017 Reply to Sarah
        • I’m with you Sarah. It’s things like that that help people be and feel safe. Plus, we often complain when preventive measures have not been contemplated when there’s a crisis of any sort. So, I’m all for checks, as long as they’re reasonable and within legality.

          28-Sep-2017 Reply to Judi
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