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  • What is an Operations Manager exactly? Last updated by Jude: 22-Jun-2017

    What does an operations manager do? I was recently told that it’s the career I should pursue but I can’t seem to get the full idea of what it means.

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    • An OM oversees production of goods or provision of services. You monitor the current system and propose improvements where necessary.

      21-Jun-2017 Reply to Jude
      • Gee! It sounds like there’s a lot of responsibilities and decision making involved! I imagine it’s a well-paid job, at least that’s what I’m told.

        21-Jun-2017 Reply to Pat
        • Yep, it can be very well paid. On the other hand, you’ve got to be ready for plenty of pressure as you’ve got to perform every day.

          22-Jun-2017 Reply to Jude
          • Well I guess like with every other job, right?

    • Yes and no. The OP has to make sure that the organization is running smoothly and looks after the company’s source of income so to speak. Sometimes it’s production other times it’s services.

      22-Jun-2017 Reply to Jude
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