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  • EMIS WEB Last updated by Kalie: 21-Apr-2017

    Having experience as a receptionist at a hotel I'm considering trying to apply for a job as a medical receptionist. I'e seen in may job offers that emis web is required. Has anybody used it? Is it difficult to learn?

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    • I have. Like with everything else it depends on the person and on your previous experience with programs. I don't think it's anything that you couldn't learn. I'm also sure that there are online tutorials or short courses that can help you get an idea of how it works. I wouldn't worry too much about iut, but I'd definitely try and find a training course -online or in person- to learn it and not be at a disadvantage.

      21-Apr-2017 Reply to Agnes
      • Thanks Agnes. Do you happen to know of a place around Grimsby?

        21-Apr-2017 Reply to Kalie
        • Sorry Kalie I'm not from the area, I'm actually from Plymouth, but I'm sure that there must be something in or near Grimsby, or online... Try googling it ...

          21-Apr-2017 Reply to Agnes
          • Will do, thanks.

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