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  • Consistency 30-Dec-2016

    Thank you to jobisjob for sending me great job offers and opportunities daily. When I loss my job I was able to turn to jobisjob and find something of my liking. They have a load of different jobs to suit your needs and wants. It's also a easy website to use. It's not roceket science like the rest.

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  • work in a shop Last updated by Coreykieron: 29-Dec-2016

    Next month I start to work in a shop near my home. I don’t have experience in store sales. But I really want to learn.
    I searched various forums and have found that the best way to learn is "LEARNING by doing". But I need advice from you about “dealing with customers”.

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    • Nothing special just “deal with them” haha

      04-May-2016 Reply to Megan
    • The best way to deal with customers is put yourself in there shoes and deal with tge customer as you would like to be dealt with.

      01-Dec-2016 Reply to Alan.Zelli
    • Warehouse and retail looking for ideal job near bilston

      29-Dec-2016 Reply to Coreykieron
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  • Customers Matters Most 18-Dec-2016

    Our customers are the essential elements in every business. Without them, the is nothing like a business and hence must be given the necessary respect.

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  • benefits Last updated by Alan.Zelli: 01-Dec-2016

    This week, a recruiter has contacted me and offered a new job in retail.
    I do not know what benefits I have to ask the recruiter. How can I ask for benefits without asking too much?
    what type of benefits are usually given?

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    • The best way to get what you want is to listen to the offer always listen 90 per cent and talk 10 per cent then negotiate from there.

      01-Dec-2016 Reply to Alan.Zelli
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  • My dream job Last updated by Carla: 02-May-2016

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My ideal job is working with Fragrance

      12-Apr-2016 Reply to Jake
    • My ideal job is to work in a sports environment. It'd be great to get paid to do something I love and am passionate about.

      13-Apr-2016 Reply to Sarita Singh
    • working with young children or dealing with beauty ie skin care or make up

      14-Apr-2016 Reply to alison jackson
    • My ideal job is to be busy all the time, meet lots of people, make customers happy, deal with job satisfaction, work with people who communicate well. I love helping people

      15-Apr-2016 Reply to Deanna Conger
    • My ideal job hospital housekeeper

      15-Apr-2016 Reply to Alfie
    • My ideal job is customer service assisting butchery customers with there purchases and giving advice where required part time preferred. but.> would consider full time if required

      19-Apr-2016 Reply to Malcolm Lynch
    • My ideal job is working with people
      maybe jewelers helping people
      and job satisfaction.also were i keep

      22-Apr-2016 Reply to Deanna Conger
    • My ideal job is to give services the people,because i believe on to the people for the people with the people.

      24-Apr-2016 Reply to Salman
    • My ideal job is working on petrol-forecourts as a manager

      25-Apr-2016 Reply to Matilda
    • My ideal job is child care jobs

      27-Apr-2016 Reply to Alexander
    • My ideal job is acting

      30-Apr-2016 Reply to Corrie Bell
    • I am dreaming of a job where I can travel abroad and practise the languages ?...Italian, English, French.......

      02-May-2016 Reply to Carla
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  • Type of work contract Last updated by Miss Isabella Basso: 05-Apr-2016

    What should I take into consideration when choosing the type of job contract for me? (full/part time, etc...)

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    • To be able to be selfsuficient I cannot rely on variable shifts and wages. So fixed hours with fixed wages would suit me better than part time.

      05-Apr-2016 Reply to Miss Isabella Basso
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  • Company culture Last updated by Max: 29-Feb-2016

    What is most important to you when choosing a company to work for?

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    • I value honesty and reliability.

      29-Feb-2016 Reply to Max
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  • My career goals Last updated by Chloe Winter: 20-Sep-2015

    What are some career goals you’ve set this year that you want to achieve?

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    • What I would like to achieve in 2016: to be a chef and to be more professional in the front of house side of things

      20-Sep-2015 Reply to Chloe Winter
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