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  • Jobs job 21-Dec-2016

    I'm chef/ cook i have good experience to cooking but the problem is I don't know good English.but i now littlebit that way iam not working .i have more experience i can work amy job iam hard working and reliable i have good skills .but almost one year i don't have job what can i do?

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  • What is STEP by Royal mail? Last updated by Mukhtarito: 21-Dec-2016

    Anybody knows anything about STEP? The programme of Royal mail? What is it about?

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    • I know that it is Senior Talent Entry Programme, but don't know the details

      14-Jun-2016 Reply to Summer
    • It’s a Senior Talent Entry Programme, in the Operations field.
      Among the requirements are having an MBA or experience leading large groups and flexibility in terms of working location. The pay is good: £55,000 - £70,000
      You’ll find more details in their web page. Good luck !

      21-Sep-2016 Reply to Ruth
    • I want work in royal mail sorter woking survey.ithing that's good position.

      21-Dec-2016 Reply to Mukhtarito
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  • How to become a postman? Last updated by Fran: 21-Sep-2016

    How can I become a postman? I want to work in Royal mail. What should I do, what qualification is required?

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    • Self employed roofer at the moment would like to expand my knowledge of different jobs as I am not get in anywhere in the job am in willing to work any shifts any hrs good team worker

      07-Sep-2016 Reply to ashley farnan-jones
    • As far as I know you need no specific qualifications. You’ll nearly definitely need a driver’s license and I’m sure there must be an aptitude test somewhere down the line.
      Also, Royal Mail run an 18-month apprentice programme, and they have many different types of posts including seasonal, They also run a nine-month apprenticeship scheme for people aged 16-18, at least the used to .
      I hope this helps!

      21-Sep-2016 Reply to Fran
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  • My dream job Last updated by Matilda: 22-Sep-2015

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • I would like to have my own business, or work for a company that has excellent prospects of good development.

      20-Sep-2015 Reply to Nubia Fuller
    • My ideal job is drive

      22-Sep-2015 Reply to Matilda
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