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  • Manager Last updated by Jim: 26-Jun-2017

    Is experience as member of the administration team of a school enough to opt to the position of business manager in the school?

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    • I'd say it'll all depend on your formal training and also the sort of tasks you've had in your time there. Business managing is not a simple job and it requires the candidate to have good financial knowledge.

      26-Jun-2017 Reply to Rock
      • But there normally is more to it than simply accounts. You're likely to be expected to manage recruiting and look after training courses for the staff. In some cases you can be expected to look after the maintenance of the school building and premises in general.

        26-Jun-2017 Reply to Ali
        • I agree with all previous comments. I dare say that on most occasions you're expected to have a degree in business management or the likes and I think it's just the way it should be. If a school goes to the wall the consequences can be very bad and affect the lives of many...

          26-Jun-2017 Reply to Jim
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