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  • Dental nursing books for sale 04-Aug-2018

    Selling my books as already qualified. PICK UP ONLY (Golders Green) and my aim is to sell them together
    Edna £35 very rare book, in very good condition used are on Amazon around £48
    Mosby's new edition £20 (brand new)
    Levinson £15 (used but good condition)
    2 questions and answers £15 together (used but good condition)
    Old Mosby's £10 (used but good condition)
    Diploma in Dental Nursing £15 (used but good condition)

    All these prices are below on their Amazon price

    Chairside nursing and head and neck anatomy is gratis on top if you take them all :)

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  • Trainee positions Last updated by Carmen: 26-Jan-2017

    I'm a trained dental nurse with no experience and I'm interested in getting a trainee position. I often find that my same level colleagues argue that they're not interested in a trainee position because it doesn't pay well enough. For me, the benefit of getting the experience is more valuable than the pay. Not that I don't want to earn, but I'm totally OK to compromise the pay for some time, so as to get the experience and a foot in the job market. I don't know if this approach is influenced by the fact that my mum has often talked about the fact that back in her day that was very common. She is a lawyer and she started her professional career as a trainee, and without earning for 6 months. From there on she worked her way up.

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    • In an ideal world I'd have the same approach, but the truth is that I'm 23 and have to pay my bills. How can I do that if my wages aren't enough? I'd like to be able to do a bit more that just survive, I'd like to be able to not just pay my bills but also go out for dinner every now and again, or go to the cinema. See that I'm not talking about taking a holiday in Thailand, Egypt, the US..., I'm talking about regular little treats that with a low pay you cannot possibly afford after you've paid your rent, phone, gas and electricity bills, and so on...

      26-Jan-2017 Reply to Loraine
      • In my case, I'd have no problem compromising for something like 6 months, but longer than that I don't think I could hold it; I'd have to move back with my parents and that's not on, I've been leaving on my own since I started uni.

        26-Jan-2017 Reply to Alyson
    • I would be happy to work without earning for sometime (not long but some), if needed I could move back in with my family. My mum is Spanish, from Seville, and there, people do not leave the parents' home as early and easily as here

      26-Jan-2017 Reply to Carmen
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