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    I'd like to become a dental technician, but I'm not quite sure about the requirements. Do I need to do some nursing course for it?

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    • Nursing? Nope. You may be required to have a degree approved by the general dental council, as far as I know.

      11-May-2017 Reply to Sam
    • Also a level three diploma or a foundation degree.

      11-May-2017 Reply to Gina
      • and so how do i acquire experience and knowledge to give support to the dentist with the patients?

        11-May-2017 Reply to Julie
        • ??!! what do you mean? You’ll be working in a lab either on your own or as part of a team, but not with patients.

          11-May-2017 Reply to Gina
          • It looks like I have the tittles wrong… what I’d like to do is work in a dentist’s surgery giving support during consultations.

    • Mmmm! I understand now! You’re talking about being a dental nurse, is that right? The person who helps the dentist with the patient, preparations of materials and so on.

      15-May-2017 Reply to Gina
      • Exactly, sorry about the confusion. What do I need for that, do you know?

        15-May-2017 Reply to Julie
        • Not really. I guess you may need some sort of course in dental nursing, but don’t take my word for it, sorry!

          15-May-2017 Reply to Gina
          • No worries Gina, thanks for your help, it’s greatly appreciated!

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